Mission & Philosophy

School Statement of Aims

Calvary Lutheran Primary School aims to provide a program of Christian Education which will;

Seek to work collaboratively with parents and caregivers to pursue excellence in learning for each child while nurturing them in the Christian faith.

Provide opportunities for all to learn together within an academic and spiritual environment that is safe, caring and aspirational.

Encourage learners, staff and the wider community to REACH for success in all that they undertake!

Learning together for life!

  • At Calvary, students learn together within an academic and spiritual environment that is safe, caring and aspirational, which sets them along the path of lifelong learning.
  • Our school motto of REACH for success sets the scene for students to become leaders in their own learning.
  • REACH for success – Relationships, Engagement, Achievement, Christ-Centred and Holistic


  • Connecting and serving others within a safe, inclusive and supportive community.
  • Developing positive relationships based on mutual trust, respect and honesty.


  • Providing relevant and purposeful learning experiences.
  • Encouraging curiosity and inquiry and the opportunity for self – directed learning.


  • Acknowledging uniqueness and strengths, striving for personal best and encouraging students to take responsibility for their learning journey.
  • Setting high expectations for learning that builds on previous knowledge, experiences and understanding.

Christ – Centred

  • Growing in the assurance of their God – given worth and purpose
  • Relating to God and others through the values of love, compassion and forgiveness.

Holistic Learning

  • Developing the whole person through academic, spiritual, physical, social and emotional learning.
  • Pursuing God given talents to shape and enrich our world.