Mark Le Messurier – PARENT EDUCATION SEMINAR 2, Monday,14 September 2020

TOPIC: The ART of developing healthy communication patterns – especially in the trickier times!

Monday, 14 September via Zoom
Start time; 7pm.  Join meeting on Zoom at 6.50pm ready for 7pm start. The meeting will be locked just after 7pm
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Mark Le Messurier is a teacher and counsellor. He is the author of many books and publications. He also presents at conferences in schools and for all kinds of organisations. Mark works in schools and in private practice in Adelaide with young people he affectionately calls ‘Tough Kids’ because they do life tougher than most. 

Mark’s latest book is, ‘Teaching Values of Being Human’ (to be released globally April 2020). This book empowers parents and educators to teach the exquisiteness of being human to our children. ‘Teaching Values of Being Human’ highlights the value of clever, emotionally crafted, classrooms and homes. It contains a rich collection of guided conversations and practical activities to immerse young people into the beauty of our greatest assets; our social and emotional capacities, community, self-awareness and self-identity, perseverance, emotional intelligence and resilience, organisational habits, developing healthy communication patterns, reinterpreting ‘mis’behaviour with therapeutic perspectives and creative ideas to highlight the incredible capacity of the human brain to grow and adapt.

These quintessential human skills allow us to connect, contribute and feel capable. These skills also give our children opportunities to grow through past difficulties, to discover happiness and skill themselves with their own uniquely human capabilities they can use effectively in the future.


                                           ‘Teaching Values of being Human’

Chapter 7: The ART of developing healthy communication patterns

Once upon a time, it was usual for parents and educators to behave poorly towards children to get improvements. It wasn’t until 1990 that Australian legislation saw public schools ban the practice of hitting and hurting children to discipline. Yet, even today, insensitivity remains high on the agenda for too many adults as they attempt to manage the errant behaviour of young people at times.

I think the ‘art’ of developing truly constructive language patterns is one of the final frontiers for those of us who manage young people – whether it be at school or at home.

As human beings, our words, voice tone, gestures, and facial expressions quickly prompt another to trust and enjoy us, or to challenge and provoke us. Our amazing capacity to communicate is a uniquely expressive aspect of being human and it is to our advantage to learn the skills to have the harder conversations; how to draw on language that does not personalise or hurt, but is peace-making, healing and has the intent to solve problems.

The ART of maintaining truly assertive language patterns when heated moments, arise is a frontier that receives too little attention in homes, classrooms, schools and in the community. Yet, these skills are specific and teachable.

This session focuses on making language transformations from negative scripts to far more positive scripts. These are especially useful in the trickier times when we must cleverly manage our children. Strange as it may seem, we can still hold high expectations and hold children accountable without anger, intimidation or revenge. I promise this to be fun, useful and enlightening!

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