Mark Le Messurier – PARENT EDUCATION SEMINAR 1, Wednesday,19 August 2020

Topic – What’s your PARENTING STYLE?

Wednesday, 19 August via Zoom
Start time; 7pm.  Join meeting on Zoom at 6.50pm ready for 7pm start. The meeting will be locked just after 7pm
Use Mark Le Messurier’s ZOOM ID number 3897650361 – further details below


Why do you use it? Is it working? Is it healthy and sustainable?

What’s your parenting style? It’s the WINDOW you mostly live in!
Is your style the same at work and at home?
Is it working for you, and for the kids?
And, is it likely to work for you in the future? Is it sustainable into the teen years? Let’s plan futures!

Once you leave the workshop – the next time you’re faced with one of those ‘tricky moments’ with the kids, you’ll think;

Which WINDOW do I ‘feel like’ reacting from?
Which WINDOW should I move to?
If I need to move, what can I do, to do this? How do I keep my composure?
Which WINDOW is most likely to result in a positive solution, and has the best chance of strengthening a healthy relationship?

In the end, parents who RAISE BEAUT KIDS know how to very cleverly apply, ‘when to say yes, how to say no.’ Oh yes, there is an art to parenting and managing children! Kids need parents who understand what their parenting style really looks like, what the consequences of that style are, and what other choices are available.

Mark Le Messurier/ 8332 0698/


Log on between 6.50pm and 7pm ready to start at 7pm. The meeting will be locked just after 7pm.

How to download Zoom for computers and laptops (using a PC or laptop is always BEST)
Go to
Click on the Download button under “Zoom Client for Meetings” and select “Run”.

How to join your session
Open the Zoom Program
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Select “Join a Meeting”
Select “Join with a meeting ID” (you may need to change it from “Join with a personal link name” to this option by touching it).
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