The worship and cultural life of Calvary is enhanced by its music program. Through music, many children are presented with opportunities to develop their God given talents and skills. They are encouraged to participate in and contribute towards the corporate life of the school, congregation and community.

Foundation to Year 3

A sequential programme coordinated across Junior Primary, based on the Upbeat and Music Room curriculum materials.

Shared singing times culminating in presentation highlights such as church services, assemblies and the annual School Concert.

Instrumental instruction
– Junior Primary years


The main purpose in offering piano/keyboard to Junior Primary students (generally Years 2 and 3) is to enable these students to develop a sound basis for follow-on studies. From Year 4 onwards, they can then begin instruction of band instruments along with, or in place of, piano/keyboard.

Instrumental program
– Middle/Senior years

Instrumental lessons are conducted during school hours and are offered for a range of instruments including Clarinet, Drums, Flute, Saxophone, Trombone, Guitar and Trumpet.

Instrumental hire, at parent/caregiver cost, is arranged through Musicorp Australia Pty. Their cost includes a 24 hour insurance component. Calvary has a limited number of instruments available for hire at a reduced rate to cover the costs of servicing/repair of instruments.

Bands program Years 4 – 7

Concert Band

The school’s performing band is comprised of children who have been learning their instrument for one year or more. Membership is determined by interest, commitment and audition. The Concert Band performs within the school and at Calvary Church, at other schools, retirement villages, concerts, fetes, fiestas, Eisteddfods and shopping centres.

Chapel Band

The Chapel Band plays a leading role in providing music for school Chapel services and some Sunday services, and is an ideal service opportunity for our senior musicians.

Senior choir

Calvary has a Senior Choir, providing the opportunity for further development of musical skills and talents. The School choir is actively involved in events and competitions with outcomes of the highest standing and achievement. Membership is determined by interest, commitment and audition. Students have the opportunity to participate from Years 4 – 7.

Music workshop

A music workshop is held for Choir and Band members early in Term 1.

Purposes of the workshops include the opportunity to facilitate bonding between the group and teacher early in the year, as well as establish the base of the first semester’s performance program.

Music concert evenings

Music Concert Evenings are held twice a year. All Calvary children who are learning instruments, either at school or privately, are encouraged to prepare and to present pieces in a semi-formal concert environment. This provides exposure to performance conditions and an audience for the musicians as they prepare for their musical futures.

Music beyond Calvary

A significant proportion of Calvary’s graduating students have continued to learn their instrument, either within their Secondary School’s music program, or privately.

Many of our old scholars contribute musically to local congregations’ worship programs.

Old scholars are involved in school and/or community bands.

Calvary students continue to win Secondary Music Scholarships to Non-government and Government schools.

Music subjects are offered as a part of SACE requirements.

Music presents opportunities for service, enjoyment, recreation and permanent or part-time employment throughout life.