The curriculum is designed to cater for the learner’s total life by providing the opportunity for the child’s spiritual, physical, mental, social and emotional growth. It is based on current educational theory and practice. It takes into account the State Government’s goals for schooling and the Australian Curriculum in major learning areas.

The curriculum for Christian Studies for Lutheran Schools in Australia is the Christian Studies Curriculum Framework (CSCF).

Instruction by the class teacher, together with specialist teachers, provides opportunities for learners to experience the curriculum in meaningful and personal ways.

Early Intervention Programs are also in place, including Literacy intervention programs as well as 4 full time in class support staff.

The Director of Lutheran Education and the Non-Government Schools Registration Board monitors the school, which is fully registered.

Assessment and reporting

Communication of the assessment of each child’s progress occurs each semester by both a written report and a scheduled 15 minute teacher – parent discussion.

In addition to a reporting of progress in each subject, areas focused on include attitudes, work habits, social skills and any specific concerns related to the child’s progress.

Focused learning programs

At Calvary Lutheran Primary School, we believe that all learners have the right to have their educational needs met to their individual level of ability.

We aim to provide this by offering programs that allow opportunity for learners to achieve their maximum potential in all areas of learning.

Communication between the class teachers, Learning and Teaching team and parents/caregivers continually occurs throughout the school year so that learners, who experience difficulties or have the need for further extension, can be assessed and focused upon to support their individual learning needs.

Learning and teaching staff work in collaboration with the class teachers to provide differentiated pathways for students who have been identified as requiring assistance in developing their learning skills, abilities and or areas of extension.

The staff involved with individualised learning plans and programs work with learners on an individual basis or in small groups, depending on the student/s needs. These are facilitated either in the classroom or in separate rooms as required.

Outcomes achieved are designed for learners to experience success and to help develop trust within themselves and confidence in their abilities.

Sport and recreation

Students are encouraged to participate in the team sports Calvary has on offer, promoting healthy minds and bodies. This includes football, cricket, netball and basketball teams. Participation provides the opportunities for students to develop leadership and team building skills in a safe and well supported context.