Christian Studies

Christian Studies

In Lutheran Schools, Christian Studies is central to who we are.

It is a comprehensive study of what the Christian faith actually is.

The teachers’ responsibility in Christian Studies is to teach what the word of God says and what they, as Christians, believe. To do this they use the best teaching methods and resources available to them.

Christian Studies can play a major role in nurturing the Christian faith of believers and inviting students and their families to faith through Jesus Christ.

Christian Studies Curriculum Framework (CSCF)

The curriculum for Christian Studies for Lutheran Schools in Australia is the Christian Studies Curriculum Frame-work (CSCF).

CSCF is organised into four Strands:

  • Christian Belief
  • Christian Church
  • Christian Living
  • Christianity in the World

Within each of these four Strands students investigate three Key Ideas.

Students have the opportunity to build on and expand their understanding of these Key Ideas as they move from Foundation through to Year 7.


All students and families have the opportunity to participate in the worship life of the school.

This consists of daily classroom devotions and Friday morning Chapel in the church involving the whole school.

Class groups, Choir and Chapel Band occasionally formally participate in Chapel and families are always welcome to join us.

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