The learning and teaching and well-being programs and practices of Calvary are guided by the vision of helping all learners learn together within an academic and spiritual environment that is safe, caring and aspirational.

At Calvary Lutheran Primary School we believe that:

  • Learning helps learners grow in assurance of their God-given worth and purpose
  • Learning acknowledges the uniqueness and strengths of each individual
  • Learning occurs within a safe, inclusive and supportive community
  • Learning occurs in spaces that promote flexibility, collaboration, investigating and creativity
  • Learning through concepts and big ideas promotes deep understandings and the development of knowledge and skills
  • Learning builds upon previous knowledge, experiences and understandings
  • Learning occurs when curiosity, inquiry and critical thinking are encouraged
  • Learning occurs as learners reflect upon and learn from their successes and challenges
  • Learning is supported by continuous and specific feedback
  • Learning develops the whole learner through academic, spiritual, physical, social and emotional learning