Seesaw Resource for families

Seesaw is compatible across all devices and requires internet connection. That means you can use it on your Smart Phone, iPad, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop provided you have internet access. On phones and tablets (including iPad), there are apps for you to download. On Laptops and Desktop computers, you can use web browser Please read the following information for further details.

There are two apps available through App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android). One App is Seesaw Class, which is the App your child/ren will use. The other is Seesaw Family, which is the App you will use as a parent. If you are using a Desktop or Laptop computer, then you will access Seesaw via a web browser and connecting to their website. Chrome is the best browser to use. Firefox and Windows Edge are also suitable, however, Safari has limited ability to use some of Seesaw’s functions, and as such video and voice recording does not work on Safari.